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Hungarian Volcanic Wines

Hungarian volcanic wines are celebrated for their crisp acidity, striking minerality, and unique flavour profiles.

In Tokaj, the dominant grape variety is Furmint, which yields dry and aromatic white wines. These wines are known for their ability to age gracefully, gaining complexity over time. 

white wine grapes


What do they taste like?

The tasting experience of Hungarian volcanic wines is a true exploration of the terroir. Expect vibrant acidity that refreshes the palate, balanced by intense minerality that creates a sense of place.
Hungarian winemakers have preserved ancient winemaking traditions while embracing modern techniques. Fermentation in traditional oak barrels or modern stainless steel tanks allows them to balance tradition with innovation.

Many Hungarian volcanic wines have the capacity to age beautifully. Cellaring them for several years can unveil additional layers of complexity, making them a delightful investment for collectors.
 merengo egri bikaver 2018

Food Pairing

Volcanic wines from Hungary pair exquisitely with a range of dishes.

Consider matching the 2018 Merengo Egri Bikaver with red meats such as beef steak, venison, braised duck, or dishes with umami and high fat content, allowing the wine's acidity to complement the flavours and textures.

Hungarian volcanic wines offer a unique taste of terroir and history. Their vibrant acidity, mineral richness, and distinctive character make them a treasure worth exploring. Whether you're a seasoned wine enthusiast or a curious newcomer, a journey into the world of Hungarian volcanic wines is an adventure filled with remarkable discoveries.

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