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What is Barrel Selection?

As it's name suggests, barrel selection is the selection of the best wines from barrels that have already or are about to complete its maturation in oak.

wine oak barrels

It is an extremely tedious process as the winemaker has to taste every single barrel of wine from a particular vintage. The number of barrels that they go through are typically in the hundreds, and can even go up to a few thousand barrels depending on the winery's production volume.

How many barrels are selected depends entirely on the winemaker but at Gere Attila, only 1 or 2 barrels per grape variety is selected in a vintage.

This means that amongst the hundreds of barrels, only one is chosen to be bottled under a separate label. 


What can you expect from a Barrel Selection wine?

For Gere, you can expect only the very best - long ageing potential, well balanced, structured and complex.

gere attila winery

Depending on the vintage, they may also bottle single-varietal barrel selection from Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc. These are extremely rare as only about 1,000 bottles are produced.


Check out Gere's 2015 Attila, barrel selection of the Kopar label.


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