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Anthony Hwang, owner of some of the greatest Vouvray wines also owns the humble Királyudvar Estate.

If you didn't already know, one can never talk about Vouvrayand Loire Valley without first mentioning the legendary producer Domaine Huet.

Like the famous Vouvray winery, Királyudvar is fully certified biodynamic. This not only means that the wines are organic but even the alignment of stars and planets play a part in calculating the best time for harvest. 

This next level winemaking is what truly defines Királyudvar.

Established in 1997, the Királyudvar Estate and Winery is headquartered along the main street in the southern village of Tarcal within the Tokaj region of Hungary. Today, we cultivate 75 hectares of first-class fields across six hillside vineyards within the appellations of Mád and Bodrogkeresztúr.

The modern Királyudvar estate is patterned after the original wine press house dating back to the late 16th century. Authentically restored in 1999, the main construction encompasses a four-wing building encircling an inner courtyard.
On the estate grounds, Királyudvar’s simplicity in its architectural design creates an elegant and grandiose look. The rhythm of the arches, carved timber columns and timeless stone surfaces create a serene atmosphere, providing the idyllic environment necessary to taste, reconsider and craft precise yet profound wines.

Királyudvar Estate

"We feel deeply fortunate to be a part of Királyudvar’s history.

With our ambition to handcraft wines of the highest caliber that stand in comparison with the greatest wines of the world, we pride ourselves on doing our best at the work we love, always striving for perfection.

Every day of this venture is a wonderful experience that brings rewarding discoveries and unexpected challenges."



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